Better Call Saul: "Talk" Review

Posted by Matt Fowler on

Warning: Full spoilers for Better Call Saul Season 4, episode 4, titled "Talk," follow.

"You don't want to hear what I have to say."

Jimmy, Kim, Mike, and (poor) Nacho sort of hovered within a restless limbo this week in "Talk" - a chapter that perhaps featured the most violence on a Saul episode ever.

Saul's not exactly known for carnage, so the Salamanca cousins' assault on the Espinosa compound was a huge boat rocker. Despite being able to predict an easy win for the twin Terminators, the scene was still saturated with magnificent menace because of how invested we are in Nacho, who felt the need to lend a hand despite barely being able to walk without doubling over in pain.

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