Black Panther: Marvel's Campaigning for Best Pic, Not Popular Film

Posted by Jim Vejvoda on

The Academy's recently announced Best Popular Film Oscar category reportedly won't change Marvel Studios and Disney's plan to campaign for Black Panther to be nominated as Best Picture.

Marvel has already begun the groundwork for a Black Panther Best Picture campaign, including hiring a veteran Oscar strategist and putting a "significant" awards season budget behind it -- something, as The Los Angeles Times points out, Marvel had never done before.

Marvel's strategy for getting Oscar voters to consider Black Panther for Best Picture includes leaning into the movie's "creative accomplishments and the global impact it made," according to the Times. In other words, Marvel's Oscar campaign will play up the personal nature of director Ryan Coogler's accomplishment and what the film has meant to so many around the world, particularly to underrepresented artists and audiences of color. Black Panther was not only a huge box office hit, it was also a film that mattered deeply to both the industry and to filmgoers. Marvel aims to remind Oscar voters of all that.

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