DC Universe Review: Should You Subscribe?

Posted by Laura Prudom on

DC Universe officially launched on September 15 (aka Batman Day), and the new subscription service aims to be your exclusive hub for the best of DC Entertainment's comics, TV shows, movies, and merchandise.

We got a chance to test drive the app while it was in beta (albeit without the full lineup of comics and movies available at launch), to get a hands-on experience of the service, which is arguably in the vanguard of an incoming wave of platforms that will attempt to draw fans further away from traditional cable subscriptions and broadcast TV.

With Disney also planning to launch its own subscription service that will combine the might of its most popular properties (including Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars) all in one place, Netflix branching out into creating comics alongside their original shows and movies, Amazon distributing new comics through comiXology, and content providers like CBS All Access, HBO Now, and WWE Network already offering members a deep well of current programming and classic titles for one monthly fee, it's becoming increasingly clear that networks and studios will need to find ways to own and distribute a broad swath of their content direct to consumers in order to stay relevant, rather than relying on being bundled in expensive cable packages and hoping that viewers will find them.

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