Hulu's The First: Season 1 Review

Posted by Matt Fowler on

Season 1 of The First debuts Friday, September 14th on Hulu.

House of Cards' Beau Willimon has crafted a meticulously weighty and epic Mission to Mars series with The First - a story centered on scientists and astronauts, about 10 to 15 years from now, attempting humankind's first-ever manned venture to the Red Planet.

It's a series that's equal parts gripping and plodding. Some will be bored by the turgid self-importance and overall glum vibe while other viewers will latch onto the Terrence Malick-esque poetics and "life in pieces" visual philosophy storytelling.

Overall, the results are mixed. There's good and bad here, but the first four episodes, the crucial chapters for drawing someone in, are the most headache inducing. The First does itself no favors by giving us a ton of clinical, understated drama right up front.

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