Infinity Wars Suffers a Sophomore Slump

Posted by Jesse Schedeen on

Infinity Wars has enjoyed a strong start so far, with both the Infinity Wars Prime prologue and the actual first issue going a long way toward establishing the stakes in this latest cosmic conflict. But with most Marvel crossovers, the real question is whether that early momentum can be sustained over the long haul. Judging from Infinity Wars #2, there's at least some cause for concern.


Given that this issue is really the third chapter of the series, it's a little frustrating that the narrative hasn't progressed further by this point. Issue #2 continues the same battle from issue #1, with this motley assemblage of heroes and villains fighting Gamora for possession of the Infinity Stones. As a result, Infinity Wars finds itself locked in a weird place. Writer Gerry Duggan and artist Mike Deodato have done more than enough to give this series a strong emotional core. Infinity Wars is all about Gamora's relationship with her "father" Thanos and her quest to make her soul whole again. This issue succeeds most when it focuses on those elements. Gamora makes for a compelling lead, even if the rest of the book's cast hasn't been utilized as well yet.

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