Movies That Look Like Kids Movies, But That Kids Shouldn't See

Posted by William Bibbiani on

By now you've probably seen so many movies that you can tell a lot about them at a glance. And usually, if you saw a poster or a still image from a movie about anthropomorphic animals or friendly kids show hosts or adorable puppets, you'd be 100% correct in assuming that those films were made for kids. Well, maybe not 100%...

Sometimes you'd be wrong, dead wrong. Some filmmakers use the iconography of children's entertainment to tell subversive, disturbing, or violent stories that are entirely inappropriate for children. They look like the kind of movies that kids will want to watch, but you shouldn't let them until they're much, much, much older. With one such film, The Happytime Murders, hitting theaters, let's take a look at some of the films that look like they're kids movies, but that kids shouldn't see!

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