Playing Super Mario Party Across 2 Switch Tablets Feels Like Magic

Posted by Andrew Goldfarb on

Nintendo is at its best when it’s trying something new. With touch and motion and even portability, keeping things weird and unique is always what leads to Nintendo’s most memorable hits. Mario Party isn’t usually a franchise I associate with that level of innovation, but on Switch that may finally have changed.

With Super Mario Party, Nintendo has added one of Switch’s most unexpected and unique features: screen sharing. By removing the Joy-Cons and lining up two Switch tablets, you can connect two screens with a simple swipe that allows gameplay to move seamlessly from one system to the other in any configuration and with any portion of the screens lined up.

Seeing that transition in trailers is impressive, but seeing it in person feels like magic. Playing a demo at Gamescom, I tried out two mini games in Toad’s Rec Room, the new mode that includes mini games utilizing two systems if both players own a copy of Super Mario Party.

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