Sharp Objects Stumbles with Finale Reveal

Posted by Matthew Dougherty on

This review contains spoilers for the Sharp Objects finale, titled "Milk."

The horror genre comes in many shapes and sizes, but when done right, it typically leaves you with a feeling of dread that lasts long after the credits roll. “Milk” is an example of great horror not just because of the feeling the last few seconds leave you with, but for how the episode depicts the events that lead to those last few seconds. However, that doesn’t mean Sharp Objects as a whole should be classified as horror, and that makes the nature of its ending somewhat dissatisfying.

Still, the finale is ripe with emotional terror. Between the opening shot of Camille slowly approaching the house, and then being forced to join the bizarro-happy family dinner while she knows exactly what Adora is doing to Amma, Sharp Objects takes on a new sense of foreboding. What was formerly the TV equivalent of a page-turning beach read makes the full transition into a disturbing but believable portrait of mental illness.

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