The Last Sharknado Review

Posted by Matt Fowler on

"First time flying on a pterodactyl?"



"Hell no."

Those lines are said, oh, about eight minutes into The Last Sharknado: It's About Time (a subtitle that, once again, is more clever than anything in the actual movie). Yup, we're reviewing a Sharknado again -- it's the final hurrah and we're here for it, even if the buzz really isn't.

Yes, the "so-dumb-it's-smart" (but is it really?) silly, campy hubbub that swirled around the Sharknado series, like so many ferocious flying sharks, dissipated a while ago. The novelty of Syfy leaning into its purposefully schlocky Saturday night monster movies with this go-for-joke franchise, featuring a who's who of people who haven't been "who" in a while, wore off years back and all that's left is a lot of noise. The Last Sharknado is almost non-stop cluster-chaos.

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