The Purge: The 11 Scariest Purgers

Posted by Matt Fowler on

With four hit movies in the can and a TV series on the way, it's clear that The Purge was the right franchise for the right time.

Tapping into just about every anxiety and anguish we have as everyday Americans, The Purge quickly shifted from home invasion horror to a nightmarish politically-relevant thriller about an alternate reality where the marginalized and disenfranchised are targeted during an annual "holiday" where all crime is legal - including the sadistic systematic elimination of the poor.

But Purge night isn't only for government soldiers out for a grotesque genocidal spree. It's a special event where everyone is encouraged to feed the dormant beast that resides within and cause chaos for twelve hours straight. Purge participants come in all shapes and sizes, and all shades of crazy. If you're murderously missing a few marbles, it's the perfect opportunity to get yourself all gussied up and masked for a bacchanalian bloodbath.

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