Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Season 1 Premiere Has Action and Heart

Posted by David Griffin on

This is an advanced spoiler-free review of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series premiere. Season 1 will be available on Amazon Prime Video on August 31.

At first glance, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, Amazon Prime Video's newest series starring John Krasinski (The Office) as the titular hero, is just another entry in a long line of military-centered stories featuring a seemingly unimportant man thrust into extreme circumstances, which usually end with said hero saving the day.

There are moments when Jack Ryan is every bit the cliche when it comes to this genre, especially when we've already seen four other iterations of Ryan in various films, from Patriot Games (Harrison Ford) to The Sum of all Fears (Ben Affleck). While each of these cinematic entries warrants some merit, none of them have truly found a way to stand out in the Tom Clancy live-action universe... Until now.

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