Why Pokemon’s First Live-Action Movie Features Detective Pikachu Instead of Ash Ketchum

Posted by Joshua Yehl on

In 2016 when news broke that Pokemon’s first-ever live-action movie would be the story of Detective Pikachu, it threw the Pokemon fandom for a loop. After all, kid trainer Ash Ketchum has been the face of the long-running Pokemon animated series for over two decades now, not to mention he’s already the star of numerous animated features. Detective Pikachu, on the other hand, was from a franchise spin-off game that tasked players with solving mysteries with a talking Pikachu (sans Ash) rather than quest to defeat gym leaders in battle. So why go with this new property instead of the old standby? At this weekend’s 2018 Pokemon World Championships in Nashville, TN, IGN was on the case.

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